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Posts about my various travels over the last few years, aggregated from the various blogs I have started and given up. I’ve post dated them to reflect when they were written, and hope to get more up here soon!


Oman in Pictures: I only figured out that Oman was a country in, oh, 2010? And in Feb 2012 I traveled there for an outdoorsing weekend with friends

36 Hours in Oman Some highlights from our trip to the Hajar Mountains

United Arab Emirates: Dubai:

Where in the world are the Emiratis? My take on what it means to be an “Expat” in Dubai


Images from Mauritius: Some quick pictures since I don’t really do much that is fun while I’m in Mauritius, mostly work and work and work


Thanksgiving in Europe My account of Thanksgiving in the Netherlands


Belgium and the Fear of Beer: One of favorite old posts about trying to navigate a beer bar just one month into my time in Europe (looking back, damn girl just order a beer)

Belgium and Biking  Adventures around the Belgium/Netherlands border
Antwerp: The City with 3 Names  Adventures around Antwerp, Anvers, Antwerpen….


Fa-Fa-Fa-Finally in Paris 

Spain and Morocco: Coming Sooooon!

England: Coming Soon!

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