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Sneak Peek: The Great Indian Wedding

December 4, 2012

More pictures and a full recap will follow on the adventure I had in DehraDun at the wedding of one of my dearest friends in India.

I’m currently riding my #IncredibleIndia high and never want to leave. The visa office may feel differently, as they usually tell me to just go home.

But my biggest (personal) news of the wedding weekend was I finally draped my own sari for an important event! Almost all by myself (save for some pleat consultation by a colleague).  Pretty big difference to last time.  I am on an Indian-clothing-purchasing rampage, and someone should take my debit card away from me before my saris and I become homeless.

A few horrible phone pictures (sorry):


The groom and his to-be brother in law



The gorgeous bride !


Groom’s friend and Groom’s sister dancing Bharat


My friend Dujesh and my self-draped Sari

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