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Welcome Back Summer…Nobody Missed You

April 11, 2012


I have observed that one thing that unites city-dwellers everywhere is our unique aptitude for complaining. Right now as New Yorkers are complaining about the subway and LA-ers (what do you call them?) are complaining about the traffic, we in Mumbai are complaining about the delayed subway project that is causing us to sit in traffic. And oh yeah, everything is compounded by the unbearable summer heat.

Friends at home in US may laugh to think we are calling April “Summer” but in India I have learned there is only summer, winter, and monsoon.

While I was away in Dubai, the seemingly endless winter quietly packed up and left to trek north and lounge in Sikkim and Leh.

Winter stayed in Mumbai this year longer than most have ever known it to linger…Bandra was full of young girls in short skirts and fuzzy scarves- staying quintessentially “Bandra” while making a lame attempt at keeping warm. Elsewhere there were the misplaced Dehli-ites who begrudgingly tolerate Mumbai because of work or marriage- they roamed around town in shorts and singlets declaring that Mumbai’s cold snap was “nothing” while still shaking with cold and surreptitiously rubbing their goose-bumped arms.

And I, a born and bred New Englander, was in heaven. Alas, I could walk around town in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. I could get to work without suffering the inevitable sweat-ring on my fancy suit before 9 am. Make-up stayed put and didn’t drip down into my collar- I smelled like my perfume for once. Friends came over and lounged in my apartment with windows open as tempting January breezes danced in the thin curtains. No word on if those were sea-breezes, or if all of Mumbai had just collectively exhaled.

I missed the bulk of Bombay’s winter during my sojourn in the desert. There too it was cold, but knowing it was the desert somehow made you forget the actual temperature. As the heat built in Dubai in February and March, so too did the heat and humidity build in Bombay. When I walked off the plane last week, it was clear that it was not only I, but summer that had returned to Bombay.

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  1. April 26, 2012 8:48 pm

    Angelinos, people from LA are called Angelinos 🙂

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