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Anne Visits India: Exploring Old Goa

February 11, 2012

Last October I took my first foray into exploring India beyond Mumbai. My sister Anne visited, the first of my family to brave the 16 hour flight.

Also notable was this was Anne’s first trip outside the continental US. Homegirl had to apply for a passport specifically to take this trip. She sent a brand new, fresh passport to the visa agency, and got her first stamp at Chattrapati Shivaji Airport 20 hours after leaving Boston, 15 hours after departing Newark.

Anne and I did all the typical touristy things in Mumbai, including some new-to-me things like visiting the Khaneri Caves,  exploring Crawford Market, and seeing the dhobi ghaat.

148340_957236109010_912562_51902958_5258488_n (1)


Anne’s first Rickshaw ride, and my favorite pomegranate-kiwi juice from Bachelor’s at Marine Lines!

74361_957237166890_912562_51902999_648938_n  Yes, if you ever visit me in Bombay I will force you to pose for this picture. You’ll think it’s silly, but a few months later you’ll thank me. (You’re Welcome Anne)

But the three days we spent in Goa was easily the best part of our trip. I though that after travelling so far and then WHAM! getting smacked in the face with India, Anne might want to escape to a quieter corner of India. Enter: Goa

My ridiculous and generous sister put us up in the Taj Holiday Village at Fort Aguada, a tropical wonderland and the little bit of luxury we needed after running around Mumbai in the earlier part of the week (for me the few months prior!)











Bungalows at the Taj Holiday Village 76272_957271333420_912562_51903928_3093047_n














Looking out from Fort Aguada 73782_957250604960_912562_51903319_1535639_n

76143_957264427260_912562_51903806_1587289_nOne of my favorite shots from Fort Aguada. These dogs were very pious! 74383_957250525120_912562_51903317_7493779_n

Gorgeous Temple just outside Old Goa





39578_957259482170_912562_51903635_4944440_nAnd onto Old Goa, home to many famous and beautiful churches. Anne and I spent a whole afternoon exploring old churches of Goa.




3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 11, 2012 11:32 am

    Taj holiday village!! Fort aguada was the one next door 😉

    • February 11, 2012 12:04 pm

      Whoops! I guess that’s just the landmark! Calangute right?

    • February 11, 2012 12:04 pm

      My sad hotel apartment in Dubai sadly does not compare. 😉

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