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Maharashtra’s Wine Trail: A trip to Sula Vineyards

December 15, 2011

November 292

Back in August I went to Shirdi to the Sai Baba temple with some friends. On the way back we stopped in Nashik, home to Maharashtra’s burgeoning wine industry. Sula Vineyards, producing the ubiquitous Sula wine, offers a vineyard tour and tasting for 500 Rs, and is generally a nice place to spend a day.  Not exactly a destination for wine-o’s or someone looking to really understand the wine making process. But it is a quiet little corner of Maharashtra.  November 291

However, the actual tour was disappointing. Our tour guide clearly knew nothing about the wine making process, and most Sula wines aren’t aged in the beautiful barrels that come to mind when you imagine an afternoon at a winery. Instead, they are quick-aged in enormous metal vats that remind me of corn cribs back home, only metal.

Seriously, nothing special: DSCN0527

November 289So instead I leave you with lovely pictures of friends and wine and some afternoon sillinessNovember 290

November 293

November 294November 301

The boys had their sandals stolen at Sai Baba temple, and had to buy these new ones on the side of the road. Everyone’s shoe’s get stolen, so the shoe-sellers have a great business. Actually, I have to think they must promote the shoe-stealing in some way, right? November 300


And an uproarious car ride back to Bombay:


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