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It’s getting crazy up in here

October 25, 2011


Source: The Economist weekly polls


Can someone discuss the 9-9-9 plan with me? Can we talk about what has brought Herman Cain ahead in the polls? My favorite person to talk politics with is actually my friend Eric because he’s liberal, but reasonable. Now I want a friend who is conservative, but reasonable, and who doesn’t mind when my only argument is “It’s not FAIR!”

Now, let’s be clear. By aggregating 6 OTHER polls, Real Clear Politics has Herman Cain only 0.5 points ahead of Romney, at 25.5% and 26% respectively. I really put this poll  up here for shock value.

But I wasn’t even that aware of Herman Cain until Sunday, when a GOP-loving lunch companion pointed out I was (ahem) clueless about the state of American politics right now. Since then, to redeem myself and partially because it’s wildly interesting, I have been scouring the internet non-stop trying to read everything I can on this Cain character, and form an opinion.

My favorites so far:

1. An Economist article about how successful personality traits and “tag-lines” can cause a candidate to become a caricature of themself . This is a great piece about how when you have success based on “simple talk,” you’re incentivized to only use “simple talk.” But that is not necessarily where your campaign should be headed.

2. The weird public image Herman Cain also has to battle, since he’s been in the pizza industry and generally a little bit ridiculous (VIDEO….watch it)

3. And a smart piece in the WSJ about why we should be taking Herman Cain seriously. 

But seriously, I’m OK with the straight talk, the business and economics credentials (come on, I want this to be America’s century as much as the next guy) and his gutsy 9-9-9 plan (even though it wont work, it’s a good conversation starter.)

But I’m NOT ok with the utter lack of foreign policy credentials, proud ignorance of “lesser states”  like Uz-beki-beki-beki-beki-stan, and declaration that a 51-point economic plan is too grandiose, his is proudly one page. Umm…Romney’s plan isn’t exactly hitting the ball out of the park, but at least he didn’t write it in homeroom, right?


There we have it folks, my first (probably last) political blog post. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…….




So Herman Cain doesn’t have an opinion on India, but let’s make that rap-song happen, okay? ASAP.

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