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What this Blog is Not

October 17, 2011

I recently chronicled my insane experience trying to get a broken wrist casted, as well as listed some of the strange criticisms I have been hearing from colleagues.  Both of these things were less-than-awesome when they occurred (ok, sometimes the opinions about me that are shared with me….are hilarious.)

I also have recounted some beautiful experiences, traveling to Purushwari with GrassRoutes, trekking in Naneghat, exploring Lanavla, and even simple things like rejoicing the arrival of the monsoons.

India, it is said, has developed “in spite of itself.” There are not sufficient systems in government and social services, business and political rules and limitations discourage true entrepreneurism and force people to live and conduct business outside the law and off the “grid” so to speak. Education systems fail the middle and lower class everyday, and their students end up partially educated, lacking self confidence and assertion, and in the same jobs their ancestors performed for the British….except now for the small class of the Indian super elite.

It is infuriating that there are so many problems like this here that seem so clear, yet are so difficult to solve.

It’s my goal to let y’all know exactly what my life is like here- the adventures and the MANY challenges.

But it’s important to me to make it abundantly clear that this blog is not, and will not ever be, a blog to complain about India. Or how anyone is “backwards” or how things are so much better in my perfect perfect America. If I didn’t love India, I would be gone by now. I’ve had ample opportunity to wave goodbye to Mumbai, and take a plane straight outta the Maximum City.

But I’m here. Chronicling the idiosyncrasies of the most crowded, hypocritical, dichotomous, beautiful, smelly, fascinating places on earth. And other random things, like how much I love smoothies.

So I invite my (pretty limited # of) readers to enjoy my take on India. If you disagree with my ideas, let me know. But never for one moment think I’m not committed to being a part of the Indian experience.

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