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Party in the Fog in the Middle of the Night?

September 16, 2011

When you get a text saying “we’re leaving at 12, you in?” do you typically think it means noon?

Yeah, me too.

Not true when your friends want to go to Lanavla, a small city located about 2 hours from Mumbai, but which can take many hours to get to due to heavy traffic and almost constant fog during the rainy season. Apparently. Lanavla is a favorite of young Mumbaikers, who quite often come up with this “Let’s go to Lanavla….right NOW!” idea. I’m told by my coworkers that almost every single one of them has made the middle of the night journey to this little city.

So, we pile in the car, at midnight.

Rock out to music, meet some new people who were invited (Hi Prerak, hi Edward….I gave you my blog link right?), sleep for a while, stop for snacks, and then, pull over on the side of the road to check out the intense fog, and then- when your asleep-in-the-backseat-just-want-to-get-there-already……you’re in Lanavla at the top of a plateau in the mountains. There is fog everywhere, and you can see approximately 5 feet in front of you. Somehow, all the cars headed in this direction know to pull over right here on this plateau. People have parked, put their car high-beams on, blasted their stereos, and are haivng a mini-rave in the ten foot area that their car lights have illuminated.

My head was spinning. Not only had I just woken up at 4 am totally confused, but the radios of ~30 cars were blasting, people were dancing, and there are ~10 kids running around, shooting out from behind the parked cars with kettles of spicy masala chai for sale.

what a smart business plan, sell tea and Ramen noodles to rave-dancers in the middle of the night on top of a plateau… must note this down for future ventures

Maybe you had to be there to understand how wild this was. I couldn’t get any good pictures of the scene because the fog was so thick. The few pics below were shot with much finagling of the camera lens and flash. (you’ll note, I was the only one with appropriate rain gear)






Part 2: Out of the Fog

When the sun finally came up, the fog we had experienced in the night had gone away mostly, and gorgeous Lonavala showed her face. The friend organizing the adventure, Rohit, owns property in a private development, Aamby Valley. Developments often don’t do justice to their surroundings, but I think Aamby actually enhances them. The developers really took into account the natural beauty of Lonavala.

One of the cars in our caravan:


Swiss-Chalet style houses and lodges:


A very strange giant greek-style ampitheatre….or something!



Ampitheatre: featuring yours truly and my broken wrists..ugh!


Cheesy grins and three cheers for Lonavala:


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