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Fear of Spinning

June 30, 2011

The latin work for spinning is Neo, meaning “To Spin”. So I’m considering it NeoPhobia, even though that would be fear of new things.

Anyways, before I go to Spin class, I always fear it.

I develop a tummy ache, a head ache, a nose ache, a left-finger-ache……..anything to get out of it.
I forgot my towel, I wore the wrong socks, I suddenly REALLY want to do that proposal for work!

But then I do it, and it’s not so bad!

Although, when I’m done, I definitely look like the guy in the middle:


Today, my ass hates me.

But I think long term, I’ll love my ass?
I also found this GREAT guide to surviving spin class….unfortunately I found it AFTER a few really tough classes. But it’s great advice for future classes! the biggest surprise, spin class ruins your sneakers!! Luckily, I have mountain-biking shoes that also fit SPIN pedals. But I wonder will I look like a total tool if i wear them into spin class when I am actually NOT a seasoned spinning professional?

My favorite line from the post: Surviving spin class, and even learning to love it, is not insurmountable.

Anyways, here are the key points from her survival tips:

1. Dont wear long pants or shorts (duh,…im such an IDIOT) do wear close fitting capris or leggings!
2. Shoes: Dont wear your favorite running shoes, they will lose all their squish! Wear old shoes or spinning cleats.
3. Setting Up Your Bike should be done by you and your spin teacher- dont trust your eager-to-help-but-probably-dont-know-much neighbors! Everybody’s body is different.
4. When You Need to Rest: Dont stop pedaling, just slow down or release the resistance. If you stop pedaling, it’s really hard to get the bike moving again.
5. Find a Class that Work For You! Dont stick to a class that doesnt feel right, the teacher is a big factor in how it will go for you!

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  1. September 19, 2011 7:26 pm

    I am actually deathly afraid of spin classes, and have it on my 101 list to finally beat that fear and take a class. Thanks for the post…its nice to see I’m not alone!

    • September 20, 2011 4:31 am

      Just jump in! Usually, the lights are really low so no one can see if you’re struggling!

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