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The Rains Arrive in Mumbai!

June 14, 2011

Finally! The rain finally came to Mumbai!

I took the day off of work for a “mental health” day- was at that point where I just NEEDED a day off. Here’s a shot of what I was up to all day:


NPR podcasts, my new book, Camp Mohawk Bear, iced coffee, a trip to the gym…and I felt awesome. A MUCH needed day off!

Then, around 6 pm, there was a crazy rumbling…and the monsoon finally arrived in Mumbai! It’s been brewing for so long, getting SO hot, and then finally it began to just POUR.

My flatmate and I decided to whip out the umbrellas and go out for ice cream to celebrate. Purushwari 129

Purushwari 128

We went to Carter Road, a seaside road a few miles from our apartment. It seemed like ALL of Bandra was out with the same idea. Everyone has been cooped up in the AC for a few weeks, trying to avoid the mounting heat. A break in the weather, and the first rains, had the entire city in a good mood and out and about!

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